Custom furniture, rug, cabinetry, tile and lighting design

You have a unique and personal vision, we understand this and you will be assigned a dedicated and talented crew to help you realize this vision. Our interior design team as well as electro mechanical design team also will conjure up a design for your space that is truly unique, elegant, and practicable – whether it’s contemporary European, traditional Arabic, minimalist, or a niche unique style; we have you covered. We will explore the design with you further until you are completely satisfied before commencing work on site. Prior to which we take care of all the required approvals and paperwork with the authorities and concerned parties. We will also assist with the procurement of the required materials and accessories that complement your space, with our in-depth market knowledge and connections. Now, our expert team of skilled decorators, carpenters, masons, electricians, and plumbers will move in to bring your vision to life. But our relationship does not end at the handover. Instead, you will have our support for as long as you require after the project is realized because we at UNESIA INTERIOR believe in long-standing relationships built on a strong foundation of excellence and accountability.