Hospitality Care Center

There is a widespread belief that a gray color palette cannot make a room bright and memorable. However, the client preferred a range of gray colors for health care . Therefore, the designers decided to make the best of it by combining warm and cold shades of gray and natural materials with original textures. Also, the designers used corrugated glass, polished stainless steel to a shine, slightly cracked plaster, and raw gabbro-grained stone to create a unique style of a modern clinic.

At the clinic and health care entrance, there is a tablet for registration and an art object in the form of metal toothbrushes, which the designers created based on the UNESIA INTERIOR sketches. Also, the reception area where visitors can register and ask questions divides into sections and consists of chipped stone and a glass shell. And RGB lighting with a color fitting to suit the mood emphasizes the shape of the rack and the wall behind the reception area.

Imagine a life where every morning you wake up in your own villa on a Spanish beachfront. This is what our family villa project is about, in the heart of which we have grown a real bonsai garden.



Square meters:



In progress


Artem Zverev, co-founder and
lead architect; Artur Sharf, co-founder
and lead architect.