Unesia Interior have been narrowed down with the main bag immediately, choosing the mix of stone pitching and large-sized windows. Unesia Interior focused the efforts on the main compositional structure of the house in order to create a multilevel altitude. So the blocks have varying heights according to the function. Just see it for yourself: the main zone is the highest, bedrooms are just below and the technical zone is the lowest. Anyway, the whole structure comes to a one-storeyed house. The main materials are travertine and natural wood.

Flowing white blocky units emulate the endless expanse of the beach and the shore. It looks muscular, clean, and new, like a modern office park.

Imagine a life where every morning you wake up in your own villa on a Spanish beachfront. This is what our family villa project is about, in the heart of which we have grown a real bonsai garden.



Square meters:



In progress


Artem Zverev, co-founder and
lead architect; Artur Sharf, co-founder
and lead architect.

contemporary design Private Residence.  A large contemporary home located within walking distance to the beach that was originally owned by THE OWNER was in need of renovation and a decorative facelift.
UI used Venetian plaster on the walls in a white glossy finish to balance the dark wood floor. The interiors are light and bright with upholstery entirely in white with a hint of light blue. The home is a summer vacation home for a large family with six children so stain resistant, a washable outdoor white fabric was used for the indoor upholstered furniture with extra slipcovers that are easily removed.