Mankool Apartments

Although these apartments are supposed to function as a residence for a temporary vacation, you want to stay and live here forever. The UNESIA interior worked on the project of the apartment located in DUBAI. By using high-quality materials, furniture and lighting items, the authors managed to convey through the interior is the warmth and light that reign on the blue coast.

It should be noted that the lighting itself became one of the basic elements of the design of this interior , on which the design concept was actually built. Panoramic windows in all rooms provide full insolation during the day, and point and contour diffused lighting provides soft diffused light after sunset.

To decorate the apartment, Unesia fittout architects and designers deliberately chose a light color scheme, which is quite characteristic of traditional modern interiors. However, in order to give the space texture and naturalness, the authors emphasized the use of solid wood for the decoration of some walls and floors. The gray corner sofa is not only perfectly combined with many chrome elements, but also adds to the interior ocean color.

Imagine a life where every morning you wake up in your own villa on a Spanish beachfront. This is what our family villa project is about, in the heart of which we have grown a real bonsai garden.



Square meters:



In progress


Artem Zverev, co-founder and
lead architect; Artur Sharf, co-founder
and lead architect.

Art history Apartment, DUBAI- UAE by UNESIA INTERIOR & FITOUT – Renovation and redecoration of a full-floor apartment. UI Interiors designed the living room in a neutral soft silvery grey palette so that the important art collection, including ART ABSTRACT work , would be the main focal point in the living room. The selection of the accent furniture and accessories were also of high importance: a coffee table, a end table and a stabile with a Lalanne box. It was paramount to keep the integrity of the original NeoClassical architectural carved wood panelling .